Penny E., St. Paul, MN

June takes paragraph writing back to the basics. Students learn how to put their thoughts down on paper by following the outline given on each page. As your child progresses through Workbook 1, he will find that writing a paragraph is easy and fun! Pure Paragraphs® Workbook 1 is a system of filling in the […]

Lucia Katz, Dallas Businesswoman

“Diagramming a sentence is an integral part of learning the basic structure of the English language. It’s a blend of art and science that allows a child to understand the parts of speech and how they are related to each other. No one teaches this better or in a more comprehensive manner than June Campbell […]

Warren Hastings, Business Owner

“My daughter loved learning how to diagram sentences using the Pure Diagramming method. Pure Diagramming was fun and encouraging but challenging enough to keep her motivated. More importantly, it is a skill that was not quickly forgotten. In fact, now that she has moved on to upper grades, she is the only student in her […]

Karen Cook, Planning and Procurement Manager, Encompass Group LLC

I love how June keeps bringing education “back to the basics”. I have wondered what happened to diagramming and am so thrilled to see Pure Diagramming now available for those who really want to understand how the English language is to be spoken and written. What a thrill to know that this perfect and FUN […]

Shannon, Alyssa and Blake Geils

Your program is amazing! I purchased it with my daughter (1st grade) in mind as I had concerns about her reading skills. At first she was unwilling to participate; it was a bit elementary for her. So, I had my son (pre-k) begin watching and doing the lessons with me. You helped all three of […]


Thanks so much for all the wonderful ideas to motivate! My 3 year old has learned the first page of sounds and was interested in writing them the other night. It’s pretty exciting. Thank you again.


June – I can’t thank you enough. Your books are a lifesaver. Pure Phonics is organized, concise and to the point. That is just the way my daughter learns best! We are looking forward to Part 2. My daughter still asks about your summer camp. She learned more in your summer camp than she did […]

Laurie Brashear

Pure Spelling is a terrific curriculum. The multi-faceted learning approach makes learning fun and easily keeps my son engaged in his work. The various exercises help reinforce the spelling and definition of the words each week. Our entire family enjoys the Bible references and appreciates the biblical foundation for the words. Most importantly, at the […]