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Your program is amazing! I purchased it with my daughter (1st grade) in mind as I had concerns about her reading skills. At first she was unwilling to participate; it was a bit elementary for her. So, I had my son (pre-k) begin watching and doing the lessons with me.

You helped all three of us! My daughter was just tested and is “more than ready” for second grade. My son is reading (and loving it!). And I feel better able to assist when we run into those challenging words.

I can’t describe my gratitude to you and your program. I have recommended it to several people. My sisters will definitely be using your program when their children get a little older.

I CAN’T WAIT for Volume 2!!!! I am going to mark my calendar.

Shannon, Alyssa and Blake Geils

Thanks so much for all the wonderful ideas to motivate! My 3 year old has learned the first page of sounds and was interested in writing them the other night. It’s pretty exciting. Thank you again.


June – I can’t thank you enough. Your books are a lifesaver. Pure Phonics is organized, concise and to the point. That is just the way my daughter learns best! We are looking forward to Part 2. My daughter still asks about your summer camp. She learned more in your summer camp than she did all year in reading. We are blessed to have met you.


Pure Phonics®

After teaching and mastering phonics for over 30 years, well-known and respected teacher June Campbell is actually teaching your children how to read starting with the sounds of letters and is using bite-sized lessons proven to be successful for over 9,000 students in the classroom of Campbell Christian Academy in North Dallas, Plano, Texas.


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