June takes paragraph writing back to the basics. Students learn how to put their thoughts down on paper by following the outline given on each page. As your child progresses through Workbook 1, he will find that writing a paragraph is easy and fun! Pure Paragraphs® Workbook 1 is a system of filling in the blanks to form a rough draft. Next, your child will copy his work again on the lines of the facing page allowing wonderful handwriting practice as he proofreads his paragraph. “I can now see my daughter thinking logically.”
Penny E.
St. Paul, MN

Pure Paragraphs®

Logical and sequential thinking are two of the most important skills that a student needs to learn. These two skills are developed by mastering math and reading. How do math and reading teach logic? These subjects build and strengthen the brain while the child memorizes math facts and phonics rules and applies them and creates the basis for systematic thinking.
Pure Paragraphs® along with reading and math develops the ability to analyze and solve problems and stretch the mind to work on unfamiliar tasks with confidence.

Next, a student needs to be able to put those logical thoughts into a sequential 5-sentence paragraph. Pure Paragraphs® makes it easy. All he has to do is follow the paragraph outline on each page of this book. After writing 60 paragraphs that repeat the pattern of the topic sentence, three details and closing sentence, your child will be able to take any topic and put his thoughts properly and orderly on paper.

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