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“Diagramming a sentence is an integral part of learning the basic structure of the English language. It’s a blend of art and science that allows a child to understand the parts of speech and how they are related to each other. No one teaches this better or in a more comprehensive manner than June Campbell in her Campbell Christian Academy. I can’t say enough about June’s dedication to her students and to endowing them with the skills they’ll need as successful adults.”

Lucia Katz, Dallas Businesswoman

“My daughter loved learning how to diagram sentences using the Pure Diagramming method. Pure Diagramming was fun and encouraging but challenging enough to keep her motivated. More importantly, it is a skill that was not quickly forgotten. In fact, now that she has moved on to upper grades, she is the only student in her class who can diagram sentences. Thanks June!”

Warren Hastings, Business Owner

I love how June keeps bringing education “back to the basics”. I have wondered what happened to diagramming and am so thrilled to see Pure Diagramming now available for those who really want to understand how the English language is to be spoken and written. What a thrill to know that this perfect and FUN method of learning the language has been brought back to life in Pure Diagramming. I hope that millions of children will use these little books to learn and to change the downhill spiral in which our beautiful English Language is now tumbling.”

Karen Cook, Planning and Procurement Manager, Encompass Group LLC

Pure Diagramming®

Have fun and learn to think logically. Your child will do both while mastering the basics of our English language. In Workbooks 1 and 2 and 3 your child will learn to diagram nouns, verbs, conjunctions, adjectives and direct objects. Sounds complicated? Pure Diagramming® makes learning easy…just like all the other books in the “Pure” Series.

Each workbook contains 5 lessons that build upon the previous lessons. Your child will know how to use English properly in both conversation and in writing.

It’s time to take command of our wonderful language which is being terribly misused in today’s world. Master each lesson of Pure Diagramming and each piece of the diagramming puzzle taught in progressive Pure Diagramming® workbooks will be easy.

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