Pure-Publications Is The Source For Your Child’s Education.

For the past 30 years Campbell Christian Academy has been committed to teaching children the basics: reading, writing, and arithmetic. We use a unique and successful teaching method developed by our founder June Campbell.

Logical and sequential thinking are two of the most important skills that a student needs to learn. These two skills are developed by mastering math and reading. How do math and reading teach logic? These subjects build and strengthen the brain while the child memorizes math facts and phonics rules and applies them and creates […]

After teaching and mastering phonics for over 30 years, well-known and respected teacher June Campbell is actually teaching your children how to read starting with the sounds of letters and is using bite-sized lessons proven to be successful!

Pure Spelling is an engaging way for children to learn to spell, and it follows the Pure Phonics rules for reading. Because children who have mastered Pure Phonics know the rules, they will discover how easy spelling is.

Have fun and learn to think logically. Your child will do both while mastering the basics of our English language. In Workbooks 1 and 2 your child will learn to diagram nouns, verbs, conjunctions ,and adjectives. Sounds complicated? Pure Diagramming® makes learning easy….just like all the other books in the “Pure” Series.

Watch your children giggle and smile when they click the interactive characters. Dragonflies fly. Bees sneeze. Keys rattle. These books are just plain fun, and your children will watch them over and over and over again.

Learn 3 years of math in just one book! Master addition through division in 50 lessons. Pure Math is a One-of-a Kind program in a world of mathematical confusion and misdirection.